From the recording Julia

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Vocals: Kirrah Amosa

Who would have known, this little girl, who could’ve been so ordinary
Who would have known, she must have seen, tomorrow’s just for me
I’ve seen a time where dreams begin and need to grow
The greatest things begin so small
For me to know, that I’ll break through, is not accepting all these limits
So now I see, what I must do, it’s time to make a stand
My mind, these hands, have worked so hard- I’ve done it on my own
The world now knows I’ve paid my dues
Now it’s time- if you will let me- take your hand- and you will see
Bring a change- where we all grow- Trust in me-
Look ahead! the future ‘waits us, hold my hand, you will see
Never looking back, the future is you and me
I wont lie! It wont be easy! No not all
They’ll try and tear us down, but I’ll fight the good fight, yes I’ll stay strong
Yes you can handle this! You can do it! You can do anything!
They can’t stop you NOW!
Who would have known, this little girl, could still be standing here today
Who could’ve seen, one day she’d be, “The first woman Prime Minister of Australia?”