From the recording Julia

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Vocals: Kirrah Amosa, Steve Amosa

(V1) [Julia]
Once again ‘old Kev goes missing so much to do but he’s all hum-dinging why’s he so blind he can’t see!
We’re the ones left holding, all of the cards but he makes no showing once again it’s down to us three
There’s too much at stake how long before we start to break
We’ve tried to play his game it’s clear he’s now lost his way
(V2) [Julia]
Once again it’s me who is calling, all of the shots while he’s out parading, a small joke that’s now become large
Cause we’re the ones left guessing what do we do now it all looks messy is it better if you just take charge?
There’s only one way to go, it’s clear I now need to grow. Only time can question how? yes the time to move is now
I want to stand with or with out you, you’ve forced my hand they’re calling my name. I will stand tall and face it without you, they think it’s time to make my move everyone’s lost faith in you. It’s clear what’s left to do it’s raining down on you. They’ve seen our broken smiles it’s all been broken for a while
Can’t you see that it’s over controlling, everyone can see we’re losing ground I want to stand on a mountain high. Why wait to be called two faced I can say that I did it my way they all want to see my name but you’re the one thing in my way. Yes it’s my move and it’s all about you

The moment of truth, what else can we do it’s all thanks to you we feel far removed but what else can we do it’s all been about you