1. Karma

From the recording Julia

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Vocals: Kirrah Amosa, Steve Amosa

Now my soul is on fire And it feels like I just can’t breath When the party’s “in grief” I know my heart is a flame with all the goodness I have to bring He’ll say that I’m the one to blame Over and over again Maybe that’s the price I’ll pay to win
Now this moment that I’ve dreamed has taken hold of me it’s here and now But can you hear my doubt In there’s a man that will be broken I’ll nurse him down carefully But I won’t lie oh I’ll say it with truth Over and over to you But it’s the price I’ll have to pay
(Bridge: Kevin)
Now everything you've planned has happened
(Julia) What else could I do?
(Kevin) What can I do you said I’d see it through
(Julia) My hands they are tied It’s not a simple lie
(Kevin/ male ensemble) Don’t dream too far it’s coming for you The pain that’s mine If Karma’s true May everything fall down on you This ache I feel If Karma’s true
Now it’s time to follow through sly Bill has just called my cue “Kev’s numbers are few” Now that everything has fallen into place How can I be blamed I never planned to be this way I’ll say it over again My hand’s been forced to play this game
(Spoken dialogue: Kevin)
When you feel like it’s time to fall apart Just rest your head On my shoulder